Been playing Geometry Dash and want to unlock all the secrets achievements? We’ve got all the cheat codes and riddle answers for the vault secrets here, plus other useful game tips and tricks like how to get demon keys, unlock treasure room and more.

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The Geometry Dash kingdom just got even bigger as last week, Geometry Dash for both Android and iOS devices. The new game includes all the same challenging game mechanics as previous Geometry Dash releases but adds in this edition new achievements, icons and shards of power that players can unlock.

One of the most intriguing new additions has been the vault of secrets and treasure room, a couple of hidden areas of the game that require players to gather keys and solve riddles to unlock special achievements and rewards, including a hidden challenge level. Below we’ve put together a quick tutorial for players on how they can access and unlock the vault of secrets and treasure room in Geometry Dash, along with all the known secrets codes for unlocking these achievements. As more are discovered, we’ll continue to update this post.

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